Glendale City Council Approves Sales Tax Increase Measure!

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The majority of the Glendale residents and businesses are unaware that at the Glendale City Council Meeting on July 17th, the Council approved a motion to place a measure for a 0.75% City Sales Tax increase on the November 2018 election ballot.

The measure is titled: “Glendale Quality of Life and Essential Services Protection Measure”!  A simpler title would be: “City Sales Tax Increase”, but of course, the simpler title doesn’t have the same voter appeal.

The City staff stated the tax increase would go into the City’s General Fund and would not be going for any specific use.  In November it will require a simple majority vote of the voters to pass. That tax increase would effectively increase Glendale Sale’s Tax to 10.25%

As the election nears, there will no doubt be numerous debates and discussions of this measure.

By John Samuel


Post Author: Glendale City