2018 The Year-end Review For The Glendale Coalition for Better Government

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Coalition Meetings Held
During the year, we held 11 General Meetings for the members and guests.

The meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 6:00 PM and open to the public. The meeting location is posted on the web site and emailed to interested persons on our email list.

The Board of Directors met 27 times, and included invited guests as informed and/or concerned citizens.

Organizing Within The Coalition
The Coalition is incorporated under the laws of California as a 501c (4) corporation. The Coalition has a Non Profit status approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The Board of Directors is currently comprised of 4 Directors and a President. The Coalition’s officers are President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board of Directors and the Officers serve as volunteers and receive no financial compensation.

The Coalition maintains an informational website on the Internet where it posts articles of interest about City Government, solicits input from citizens, posts current events, and posts the dates and location for the General Meetings.

Throughout the year, the President and Directors have attended various events, miscellaneous meetings, and City Council Meetings to interact with citizens and the City executives and staff.

The Coalition maintains an active web site at:
And, an active Facebook Page at:

The Coalition also has a comment/tip/message 24 hour phone number:
(818) 464 3772

Legal Actions by the Coalition:

The Coalition currently has two, continuing, active law suits filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court against the City for acting illegally in violation of the California State Constitution and the City’s own Charter.

The two law suits are:

1) The illegal transfer of Electric Utility User Fees to the City’s General Fund a bak door tax.

2) The illegal tiered water rates together with the miscalculation of the water rate structure.

The Superior Court has entered judgments in favor of the Coalition in both lawsuits, but the City filed appeals in both cases, holding up the return of moneys to the rate payers. The Coalition filed counter appeals in both cases and the appeals were heard in the State Second District Court of Appeals in October.

(Note: At the same hearing, the Appeals Court heard a lawsuit brought by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers also challenging the illegal transfer of fees out of the Electric Utility resulting in the layoff of 27 electrical workers and damaging the financial health of the Utility.)

The three judge Appeals Court issued its ruling at the end of December upholding part of the findings on the Electric case but remanding the case back to the Superior Court for further additional considerations on the judgement amount.

In the Tiered Water lawsuit, the Appeals Court found that the tier structure was not properly determined and supported requiring it to be revised. The fire hydrant charge was not found illegal by the Appeals Court.

In 2018, the Coalition’s Attorneys filed a third law suit against the City again challenging the continued transfer of user fees from the Electric utility to the General Fund. This law suit is in response to the City’s new budget specifically including the transfer as a cost of providing electric service to the ratepayers.

Important: The Coalition and its members are asking nothing for themselves in these law suits, only that the illegally taken monies be returned to the Utility and/or to the Utility customers.

(Note: These law suits are costing the Coalition thousands of dollars and we are dependent on member dues, donations, and sponsors for funding. Also, many people have volunteered their time helping us. We thank all those who have helped.)

City Election Activities
In the November Election, the City Council had a ballot measure placed before the voters to raise the City Sales Tax by ¾%, Measure “S”. The Coalition Board discussed the Measure, and for various reasons decided not to challenge the tax increase, even thought it was a tax with no purpose.

The Coalition “News Paper” – What’s Up Glendale
The Coalition continued to publish and print several editions of 11,000 News Papers and mailed out 10,500 of them (500 were handed out in person). The Paper is called “What’s Up Glendale” and contains articles of general interest and political information. Articles and advertising are welcome.

There is the web site for the Paper:  WhatsUpGlendale.com

Individual Board Member Accomplishments
Board Member Roland Kedikian
..Continues as a member to the City Public Utility Commission.

Board Member Seda Khachaturian
..Appointed to a Glendale Community College Board to oversee the spending of College Grant monies.

Several Board Members
..Actively posting on NextDoor and other Social Media sites

All Members
The Board is supporting the Glendale Environmental Coalition in its effort to prevent the “gas-repowering” of the City’s Grayson power plant. The repowering is both environmentally and fiscally irresponsible. The Coalition will continue to work to prevent the “gas-repowering” of the Grayson Plant from a fiscal perspective. The Coalition is working with Dan Brotman, Founder of the Environmental Coalition. Both Coalitions have a common goal: A cleaner, financially efficient, power source!


Thank you for your continued support. We welcome your input, questions and comments.

We look forward to seeing you at a General meeting. Additional information can be found on our web site.

Contact Information
Web Site: http://www.glendalecacoalition.org

Mailing address: Glendale C.B.G P.O. Box 10083 Glendale, CA. 91209-0083

Phone message number: (818) 464-3772

Frank Gallo (President)…..Gallo@glendalecacoalition.org
Roland Kedikian……………Kedikian@glendalecacoalition.org
Seda Khachaturian………..Khachaturian@glendalecacoalition.org
John Samuel……………….Samuel@glendalecacoalition.org
Bill Taliaferro……………….Taliaferro@glendalecacoalition.org


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