Zareh Sinanyan Resigns from Glendale City Council to Accept a Position in Armenian Government

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On June 7, 2019, Glendale City Council member Zareh Sinanyan submitted a letter resigning his position on Glendale City Council effective immediately to accept a position with the Armenian government. 

Sinanyan will be in charge of Armenia’s diaspora affairs, reporting to the country’s prime minister, a position recently created by the Armenian Government. In his new role Sinanyan would be a liaison between Armenia and its communities around the world. 

Glendale’s four remaining council members can either appoint someone directly to Sinanyan’s vacant seat or hold a special election, as stated in the city’s charter. 

If council members decide to make an appointment, it must happen within 30 days of the vacancy. Otherwise, members must call for a special election, which will likely be held in late middle to late November. If someone is appointed, they will serve until the next election in March 2020. 

If an election is held, the winner will serve until 2022, or until what would have been the end of Sinanyan’s term. He is currently serving as the President of the Hollywood Burbank Airport Authority. 


Post Author: Glendale City