Facts that would help us cope with COVID-19

In the last few days our lives have changed and all public gatherings are forbidden; school classes, sport events and theater performances just to mention a few. We have been told to do so in order to keep the cases of Coronavirus from climbing beyond the health care system capacity. By following those rules and some more, not so many of us would get infected at once. In simple terms, the infection would extent to a large number of people, but we need to slow down the spread of the disease, in order to allow the health care system room to cope with the large influx of patients.

So how can you prepare for the eventual contagion?

Well, let’s review some facts about COVID19:

Four out of every five transmission cases of the virus occur from non-symptomatic individuals.

It can infect people of all ages but adults over 80 with some medical conditions* can become fatalities.

The most common symptoms of the disease include: fever 75%, and cough 44% of the time. If the infection advances to the lungs; difficult breathing becomes evident (pneumonia).

No cure or vaccine exists, the treatment addresses symptoms, to allow room for the immune response

The body’s response varies depending on different factors, genetic, environmental and idiosyncratic factors (proper to each individual, such previous exposure to similar virus, health condition, etc.)

Here are some things that you can do to help yourself:

Follow the government directions preventing unnecessary contact with others.

If you need to go to the market, the pharmacy or other location with high customers influx use gloves. Do not stand close to others in line. A face mask can protect from spreading the virus, use it.

Support your immune system; take vitamin C either in food (citric fruits) or in pills. There are some natural supplements that help support natural immunity, take them.  

Gargle with mouthwash at least twice a day. If you don’t have mouthwash gargle with salty warm water. It will not cure you, but it will help you keep your throat clean and the virus load low.

If you feel sick, do not take Ibuprofen, many doctors at the frontlines have seen symptoms of COVID-19 getting worse with this medication. Paracetamol would do a better job at lowering the fever.

If you can get NAC (over the counter supplement) take it once a day. Anecdotal information indicates that it binds a body amino-acid essential for viral reproduction. Allergy might appear in some cases.

If coughing, do Eucalyptus inhalations at least twice a day. Boil eucalyptus leaves or oil (5 drops) in water and inhale the vapor a few times. It helps clean the sinuses, but it can have side-effects.

If you don’t have serious difficulty breathing stay isolated at home, your chances of getting the virus in the emergency room are higher than anywhere else.

Post Author: Frank Gallo