Glendale New City Council – Election Results Final

Fortunately, the City’s election for City Council was held a month ago prior to the Virus shutting everything down!  After counting all the in person and mail in ballots and validating the votes, the final election results were officially certified last Friday, March 27th.

At the election, eight candidates were each seeking one of the three seats on the Council that were to be filled.  Two of the vacant seats were for a four year term, while one seat was to be for only two years as it was the remainder of a term vacated by someone who left the Council prior to the end of his term.

The top three vote getting candidates would fill the three vacant seats.   The first and second vote getting candidates will serve for a full four year term, with the person in third place filling the remaining two year term seat.

Here are the final results of the election listed by total vote count:

(Approximately forty one thousand citizens voted out of a registered voter base of approximately one hundred and twelve thousand citizens.)

Paula Devine                 21,692  (Elected to four year term)

Ardy Kassakhian           17,772  (Elected to four year term)

Dan Brotman                17,664  (Elected to fill a remaining two year term)

Vartan Gharpetian         11,422

Susan Wolfson              10,919

Greg Astorian                 7,120

Leonard Manoukian         4,603

William Keshishyan         3,437

Congratulations to the winners!

The top vote winner, Paula Devine, was an incumbent who ran an excellent campaign and was recognized by the voters as a valuable member of Council.

The second place winner, Ardy Kassakhian, was the City Clerk for 14 years and wanted to serve the City as a Council member.  He also ran an excellent campaign.

The third place winner, Dan Brotman, is a new comer to politics and is known to the community as an environmental activist who formed a group to challenge the re powering of the City’s electrical generating plant.

The City’s most active all volunteer organization, the Glendale Coalition for Better Government, actively endorsed and supported three of the candidates: Paula Devine, Ardy Kassakhian, and Susan Wolfson.

The decision of the Coalition’s Board to endorse and support the three candidates was based on the Coalition’s one on one interviews with seven of the eight candidates and a review of the candidates public record.

The Glendale Coalition for Better Government is working to insure the Glendale Government is responsible, transparent, and responsive.

The Coalition supported the three candidates with 250 yard signs, a campaign mailer intended to reach over 36,000 registered voters, a “Meet and Greet” dinner at a Coalition Board Member’s home, and contacting potential voters in person.

Some triva things to note:

Paula Devine (incumbent) received almost 4,000 more votes than the second place winner.

Vartan Gharpetian, also an incumbent, received only a little more than half the votes his peer Paula Devine received.

Dan Brotman in third place received approximately half his campaign donations from outside of Glendale.

Susan Wolfson who came in fifth place spent less than one dollar of her campaign money per vote, while some other candidates spent more than five dollars per vote.  Wolfson spent the least amount of money of all the candidates running.

Several candidates spent over one hundred thousand dollars on their campaigns!!

On Tuesday, March 31st, at the scheduled City Council Meeting held by teleconferencing due to the Pandemic, the newly elected Council Members were sworn into office and symbolically seated on the Council.

The two current Council Members with two years left in their terms are Ara Najarian and Vrej Agajanian. 

Best wishes to the New Council.

Post Author: John Samuel