Cronyism in Glendale’s City Manager Election

The most important Civil Service Job in the City of Glendale is the City Manager, and we need a new one. Yasmin Beers, the current City Manager, has resigned and the City Council will soon be appointing her replacement.

When the prior City Manager, Scott Ochoa, resigned, Beers was automatically appointed as his replacement (even though a faux $25,000 search was supposedly done to find the best choice).   Beers (a 30+ year City employee) had been the Assistant City Manager and was trained by Ochoa, who left Glendale before his employment contract was done and went to another city when his questionable management came under scrutiny.  (Better to resign than be fired?)

We need some fresh thinking in the City Manager’s office. The Glendale Coalition for Better Government, believes it would not be good for the City and its Citizens to appoint the current Assistant City Manager, Rubik Golanian as her replacement.  Assistant Golanian will follow as a clone in the footsteps of Ochoa and Beers.

In June Beers received approval for a budget that mirrored last year’s budget. This is not practical when the City is facing a large tax funding deficit due to the Pandemic.  Beers has advocated for, and received approval for extreme city staff salaries. This shows that she wasn’t working for Glendale’s Tax Payers.  Appointing Golanian will surely result in a fiscal crisis for the city down the road.

Golanian’s appointment would be the classic definition of Cronyism which is: “The practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.”

For this very important position, there should be an appointment of an outsider who will not be hampered by past policies and existing political agendas in the City.  Since Beers is leaving the City with a huge, budget deficit, difficult decisions will have to be made. That will likely require trimming down the workforce and will be difficult to do for someone with emotional attachments and with existing commitments to his coworkers and staff.

Please, email the City Council and express an opposition to the automatic appointment of Rubik Golanian. Please urge Mayor Aghajanian and council members to think outside of the box to consider someone with “crisis management experience” because we are going to be going through very tough times. We need fresh ideas and not continuing with political agendas.

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