How Short-Term Rentals saved Many Homeowners From Foreclosure

By Herbert Molano [fsn_row][fsn_column width=”12″][fsn_text] For those who lost their homes during the Subprime Mortgage Crises, the years 2008 and 2009 would scar their memories for the rest of their lives. Nine million people lost their jobs in 2008 and the nation’s homeowners suffered 3.1 million foreclosures. As the recession took hold and the economy […]

Is your city ready for California’s next recession?

By Judy Lin & Elizabeth Castillo [fsn_row][fsn_column width=”12″][fsn_text] California might be enjoying a historic economic expansion, but pockets of the state could be devastated in the next recession and at least 18 cities are even now at high risk of fiscal distress, according to a first-in-the-nation dashboard released Thursday by State Auditor Elaine Howle. Compton, Atwater, Blythe, […]

Why Should you Consider the Cost of Getting Elected to Glendale City Council Before you Vote for a Candidate?

By Frank Gallo [fsn_row][fsn_column width=”12″][fsn_text] Nowadays, running a successful campaign for Glendale’s Council might cost a small fortune and require an army of volunteers and outside supporters who might have an agenda in addition to the candidate’s. On March 3rd, 2020 the citizens of Glendale will be electing three Council Members which coincides with the […]

Judge Finds Glendale Guilty of Water Price Manipulation.

In a complete victory for the Glendale Coalition for Better Government in its second lawsuit against the City of Glendale, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant, found the City of Glendale in violation of proposition 218 for charging Glendale residents in excess of the cost of providing water service.Glendale Coalition for Better Government, Inc. […]

Bringing pot shops to Glendale

[fsn_row][fsn_column width=”12″][fsn_text] At the November 17th. council meeting ‘bringing pot shops to Glendale” was discussed. The result consensus (or not) was interesting. Mayor Devine felt Marijuana was a *gateway drug. Mr. Gharpetian felt this went against his principles. While Mr. Agajanian called for and got more analysis going forward into 2018. Mr. Sinanyan & Ara […]

What Kind of Glendale Do We Want to Live in?

[fsn_row][fsn_column width=”12″][fsn_text] By Dan Brotman, Adjunct Professor of Economics G.C.C. Glendale Water and Power (GWP) is proposing to replace all but one unit of the Grayson plant with new generators. They call it a Smokestacks with pollution “repowering” and paint it as a long overdue upgrade to an aging facility. But don’t let the word repowering […]

Carmel Partner’s proposed 285 Unit Development Would Exacerbate Glendale Quality of Life and Housing Problems.

[fsn_row row_width=”container” row_style=”light” background_repeat=”repeat” background_position=”left top” background_attachment=”scroll” background_size=”auto” background_image_xs=”show”][fsn_column width=”12″ column_style=”light”][fsn_text] The Glendale Coalition for Better Government consistent with its mission of developing a responsive government to its citizens calls upon Glendale City Council to disapprove the variances and zone amendments proposed by the 285 unit development by Carmel Partners. The project which consists of a […]

Former Employee of Glendale’s City Attorney Sentenced to Federal Prison after Embezzling nearly $700,000 of City Funds

[fsn_row][fsn_column width=”12″][fsn_text] A former employee of the Glendale City Attorney’s Office has been sentenced to 15 months in federal prison after she admitted embezzling nearly $700,000 in a scheme that used false documents [/fsn_text][/fsn_column][/fsn_row][fsn_row][fsn_column column_style=”light” width=”7″][fsn_text] to make it appear the money was being used to pay civil claims against the city. Cassandra Alexander, 53, […]

Council Member Commendation for GCBG Board Member Harry Zavos

With great pride and tremendous appreciation, The Glendale Coalition for Better Governments thanks the newly elected Glendale City Council member Vrej Agajanian in presenting a commendation to long term and founding member of the Glendale Coalition for Better Government, Professor Harry Zavos. Over the past 15 years, professor Zavos has engaged Glendale City Council on […]