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Glendale Quality of Life & Essential Services Measure

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Rents Aren’t All That Need Control

(This note was not sent to What’s Up Glendale but we decided to share it with you because it is worth reading it)

Tom Lebecki, From El Miradero wrote:

I really enjoy the title of it: “Glendale Quality of Life & Essential Services Measure”. Here, specifically the the world “quality” and “life”. “Essential” is also nothing short of cute. This pathos, this buffoon-like language, if you stop here for a moment, is nothing short of condescending, of taking the populace for nothing other than a few hundred thousands idiots ready to blindly sign anything right off. And without a blink, for a greater need, for a common cause, for life itself. Not exactly mine, nor yours, but few in no doubt will benefit. This is a classic example of ensuring a certain separation between the government and the populace with a nicely hidden intimidation pattern while not only collecting added revenue and lying, but also reintroducing, however poorly, an element of fear. Remember, your quality of life could be now in jeopardy! Furthermore, it (this BS game) plays yet another important role. It makes you compliant and fearful of the government, of the superheroes at the City Hall. Remember how many of you were ready to bring donuts at your cost to the heroic policemen and clean the fire trucks for their brave war against the world of crime and fires? Does it bring any memories how a dumb clerk can easily screw your life at will only because it rains on the given day? How quickly you will grab that telephone for a police dispatch on your neighbor with whom you should be co-living in harmony? Step by step, with time and people’s stupidity and with continuously deeper engraved propaganda you will submit to just any idea. Let’s vote for an approval of the new tax and with whatever we have left, we the people will build them a golden shrine. In our homes. By expensive permit only. Because they are better, they are smarter, they deserve more and they are so very special.


Dear Editor:

Congratulations on your new magazine “What’s Up” I wish you good luck.

With interest I read Mr. Roland Kedikian’s article about Councilman and Former Mayor of the City of Glendale, Ara Najarian, of course I had to, he is my son.

The article would have been more accurate and credible if Mr. Kedikian had also mentioned that he reported his complaint about Ara Najarian to the Fair Political Practices Committee, after investigation, the FPPC rejected the complaint. Mr Kedikian is well aware of this fact yet chooses not to mention it.

He should also have disclosed that there is an ongoing FPPC investigation for campaign violations against Mr. Kedikian and the publisher of your paper, Glendale Coalition for Better Government, for violations during the 2017 City Council campaign. Any reporting should be true and complete. Sincerely Mary Najarian.

Dear Mrs. Najarian, Thank you for your good wishes! The Fact that What’s Up writer, Roland Kedikian, reported information regarding your son, Council Member Najarian, and did not report on other, separate requested investigation to the FPPC, does not make the written information less credible or accurate. Second, the FPPC investigation against Mr. Kedikian was filed by Mr. Najarian’s sister, Maro Yacoubian, and appears to be retaliatory and an attempt to silence Mr. Kedikian and the Glendale Coalition for Better Government, and discourage participation in the Democratic process of electing our Governmental representatives. Note: To date, the FPPC has not found Mr. Kedikian or the Glendale Coalition guilty of any wrong doing. The EDITOR

In the past City Council election Mr. Najarian received the benefit of a $25,000 Independent Expenditure from a Political Action Committee set up by Mr. Najarian’s long-time friend, Timmy Mardirossian. Mr. Mardirossian was the sole donor to the PAC. While councilman Najarian’s and Mr. Mardirossian’s actions might have been legal, they made a mockery of individual campaign contributions. Lynn Myers